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Note to Reviewers

This page is under revision, and will be more complete on Monday, May 23. Please understand there have been some pressing family issues that have got in the way of my completing this portion of the SMAD application.

Thank you for your understanding.

A Brief Portfolio

Academic Work

Web Support

I have created an extensive web site for the support of my many graduate classes. All materials are available in the courses section of this website,and include all class exercises, agendas and support materials. Some examples are:

  • Web Authoring for Educators - The class was taught entirely online using Blackboard as a Course Management System. I displayed web pages from this site as instructional resources. (Design Note: the right justification of local links was to better conform with Blackboard's frames)
  • Distance Education - The theory and practice of synchronous distance learning was the theme for this class. It was taught at a distance using VTEL two-way audio and video classrooms. All students had microphones that directed the camera to focus on them while they spoke.

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Music and Education

Math in the Middle of Music

I designed the curriculum and wrote the script for this series of twelve 20-minute lessons for middle school students. Video lessons feature a math teacher and journalist exploring how mathematics can be used to describe, organize, explain, and create music. Resources in the series include a world champion double Dutch jump rope team, a group line dancing lesson, and an explanation by a symphony orchestra conductor about how a baton is used. Included in the teacher's guide are musical background details and suggestions for leading the class discussion. The video lessons are aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards.

Apple Vivarium Project

I worked with Norma Graham (LA Unified School District) to create a HyperCard stack that introduced composition principles to fifth grade students. To learn more about the Apple Vivarium:

The Civil War Concert

This was a multimedia music and history concert for Long Beach Unified School District middle schools. I was responsible for project conception, script research and production, media production, and the narration of 32 performances.


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Media and Education

  • 1990-1992 Lecturer and Co-Director, New Worlds of Learning
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • 1996-1999 Instructor in Distance Education, University of California, Berkeley Extension Campus
  • 1994 Instructional Designer and Courseware Author for Public School Law, a CD-ROM focusing on legal issues in education

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