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  • University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction, 1996
    Area of study: Educational Communications and Technology
    Dissertation Topic: "Democracy in Computer-Mediated Communication"
    Dissertation Director: Dr. Ann DeVaney
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Master of Arts, Media Technology and Curriculum Design, 1988
    Thesis Director: Dr. Robert Muffoletto
  • California State University, Long Beach
    Bachelor of Arts, Music Performance - Trombone Emphasis, 1977

Academic Experience

Old Dominion University, 2001 - 2005

Assistant Professor, Darden School of Education

Department of Educational Curriculum and Instruction

  • Teach all classes either totally online or via two-way video classroom
  • Create and maintain extensive World Wide Web support materials
  • Provide leadership for departmental and university technology initiatives
  • Research instruction and student action in mediated instructional environments
  • Assist redesign of Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Technology

Courses Taught

ECI 304 Microcomputers in the Curriculum (totally online and classroom)

ECI 503 Computers in the Classroom (classroom)

ECI 575 Web Authoring for Educators (totally online)

ECI 617 Foundations of Instructional Design and Technology (videoconference)

ECI 646 Distance Education (videoconference)

ECI 647 Online Learning (totally online)

ECI 660 Cognition and Instructional Design (totally online)

ECI 731 Evaluation (videoconference)

San Francisco State University, 1996 - 2001

Assistant Professor, Joint Appointment

Department of Instruction Technology

Department of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Developed Masters Track in Online Education
  • Taught classes via numerous distance education technologies
  • Created and maintained extensive World Wide Web support materials
  • Provided leadership for departmental and college technology implementation

Courses Taught

Department of Instructional Technology

ITEC 895 Field Study Supervision

ITEC 865 Telecommunications and the Internet

ITEC 860 Distance Education

ITEC 845 Instructional Web Authoring II

ITEC 842 Mind, Cognition and Learning for Educators

ITEC 745 Instructional Web Authoring I

EDT 641 Introduction to Computer Aided Instruction

Department of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies

ISED 897 Advanced Seminar in Educational Research

ISED 783 Integrating Instruction, Curriculum, and Technology

ISED 728 Internet in the Classroom

EDAD 891 Internship: Site Administration I

EDAD 783 Computers for School Administrators

EDAD 743 Educational Planning, Technology and Evaluation

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1995-96

Associate Lecturer, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Courses Taught

ITEC 514 Instructional Computing in Schools

ITEC 675 Telecommunications in the Classroom

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1995-96

Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Center for Adult and Vocational Education

Courses Assisted

CAVE 641 The Adult Learner

CAVE 642 The Adult Independent Learner

These pioneering courses, taught by Dr. Chere Gibson and Dr. Elizabeth Hayes, relied entirely upon telecommunications for the teaching of the class. In one, the class joined with seven other campuses in GLOBALED, a LISTSERV-moderated discussion. The other used FirstClass(tm), an online course management system.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 1991-1992

Co-Director, New Worlds of Learning

Provided technical leadership and curricular support for this cooperative project funded by IBM, Inc. The grant sought to implement computer-networked instruction in an area elementary school and provided support from the School of Education at Cal Poly Pomona.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 1990-1992

Lecturer, School of Education, Department of Graduate and Professional Studies

Courses Taught

Fifth Year/Pre-service Program

EDU 455 Computers in Education

Graduate Program

EDU 511 Educational Computer Programming

EDU 570 Media in Instruction

EDU 574 Educational Media Seminar

EDU 577 Interactive Video

California State University, Long Beach, 1978-1985

Artist Faculty, School of Music Professor of Trombone Performance

Technical Skills

Online Course Management Systems

Blackboard, Coursebuilder, TopClass, Nicenet, WWWBoard, FirstClass

Video Teleconferencing

VTEL, 4Cnet, Polycom h.323

Development Tools

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, BBEdit, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, HTML-Kit, Filemaker Pro, Flattext, Acrobat, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, HyperCard, HyperStudio, Authorware, Quest, Premier, Revolution Software


Microsoft Office, Bookends, ClarisWorks, Pagemaker, Inspiration, InDesign

Operating Systems

Macintosh, Windows, Unix, DOS

School and Industry Experience

Satellite Educational Resource Consortium (SERC), 1994-97

Curriculum Consultant and Script Writer, Math in the Middle Music Unit

Developed scripts for twelve middle school video lessons linking the study of mathematics to music. This project was funded by the National Science Foundation to increase interest and awareness in mathematics through the use of related subjects familiar to most students.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1992-1995

Program Assistant, Office of Education-Academic Services

The position included work as an information technician and database programmer. Also responsible for training and support of office users incorporating a Novell network of DOS computers running WordPerfect Office and Borland Paradox 4.5

Public School Law, 1994

Instructional Designer and Courseware Author

This CD-ROM focused on legal issues in education using animations, color graphics and QuickTime movies. It was developed from the teachings and writings of Dr. Julie Underwood, professor of Educational Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Civil War Concert, 1992

Instructional Designer, Author and Narrator

Multimedia music and history concert for Long Beach Unified School District middle schools by the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. Duties included project conception, script research and production, media production, and the narration of 32 live performances.

Educational Projects Coordinator, 1988 - 1990

Wrote grant applications, planned policy, and coordinated educational programming for the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. Projects funded included the "Music Mobile," an ongoing music appreciation program for elementary school children. Grant funded the purchase of a van, musical instruments and support for curriculum consultants.

Long Beach Unified School District, 1988

Recipient of the Robert A. Gumbiner Grant for secondary school music education.

Wrote, produced, and performed a multimedia concert celebrating the centennial year of the City of Long Beach. Program combined a live string quartet performance with historical slides of the Long Beach area.

Music Education Programming Consultant, 1975-1992

Wrote, produced, and performed children's music educational programming for presentation in Los Angeles area elementary and secondary schools.

Principal Trombone, Oregon Bach Festival, 1988-Present

Helmuth Rilling, Music Director

2000 Grammy Award, Best Choral Performance

Music Curriculum Consultant, Apple Computer, Inc., 1985-1987

Vivarium Project Directed by Alan Kay, Apple Fellow

Principal trombone, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra, 1975-2001

JoAnn Falletta and Murry Sidlin, Music Directors

Trombonist, 1973-1992

Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas

University Service

Old Dominion University

Internet Subcommittee

Campus committee charged with setting Internet policies and best practices for campus Web site and online course management systems

Representative to Consortium for Interactive Instruction

This is a working group of school districts in the Hampton Roads area. As representative I assisted in writing a major grant under the No Child Left Behind act.

Representative to Virginia Educational Technology Association (VETA)

VETA is a collaboration of Virginia colleges and universities charged with sharing efforts in the use of instructional technology in the schools.

Student Electronic Portfolio Committee

College of Education Technology Committee

San Francisco State University

Chair of the Distance Education Task Force

By appointment of SFSU Provost Dr. Thomas La Belle. This university-wide committee developed an implementation plan for campus distance education, including:

  • Recommendations for organizational structure
  • Suggestions for a funding model
  • Position description for organizational leadership
  • Implementation timeline
  • Infrastructure changes for distance education
  • Development of criteria for selecting and assessing distance learning projects

Final report is available on the World Wide Web at

Chair of the COE Technology Forum

By peer election in Spring, 1997. This committee created a technology plan for the School of Education, accounting for all departments' instructional needs.

Representative for the College of Education to the New Media Institute Advisory Board.

This position is aimed at fostering closer ties between the School of Education and a unit of the SFSU Extension Campus concerned with advanced social issues in the use of new media.

Educational Technology Advisory Committee.

Campus-wide committee that considers issues regarding the use of educational technology in teaching and university business.

Graduate Committee for the School of Education.

College of Education Grades Appeals Committee

Campus Representative to ASTUTE

Statewide organization of educational technology practitioners.


Hollenbeck, J. (in press). Students in Wonderland: Voice, Identity and New Realities Online. in R. Muffoletto and J. Horton (eds.). Multicultural Education: The Internet and Computers. Hampton Press.

Hollenbeck, J. (1998). Democracy and Computer Conferencing. Theory Into Practice v37(1)

Hollenbeck, J. (1998). Making the University Accessible through Computer-Mediated Communications. Review Journal of Philosophy and Science 1998 v1(2)

Unpublished Dissertation

Hollenbeck, J. (1997). Democracy in Computer-Mediated Communications. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

Conference Presentations

Hollenbeck, J. (Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2003). Democratic Action and Computer Conferencing. Eastern Educational Research Association Annual Conference. Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Hollenbeck, J. (July, 1998). Teaching and Learning in Online Environments. Keynote address and online workshop facilitation for the Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges/Ameritech Faculty Development Program. Marquette University. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Hanor, J., Wendling, L., & Hollenbeck, J. (Nov. 13-15, 1997). LIVE Stories: Learning in an Interactive Video Environment. and Hayden, K., Hanor, J., and Hollenbeck, J. Using Interactive Technologies to Build Educational Communities. Presentations at the International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia in Education, Austin, Texas.

De Vaney, A., Streibel, M., Koetting, R., Hollenbeck, J., & Hay, K. (February 12-16, 1997). Classrooms Virtual and Real: Issues of Place, Pedagogy, Ethics and Democracy. Papers presented at the American Education Communications and Technology National Convention, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Participant, National Telemedia Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison. July, 1994.

Presenter, Mathematics , Science, and Technology Conference sponsored by the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. "Progress in the New Worlds of Learning." Presentation reported findings from project funded by IBM Corp. and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. April, 1992.

Workshop leader, East San Gabriel Valley Computer Using Educators Conference. "Integrating a Networked Computer Environment Into the Curriculum." Workshop focusing on IBM Classroom LAN, Microsoft Works, and the IBM educational software library. February 1992.

Presenter, California State Computer Using Educators Conference. "Exciting multimedia possibilities using Linkway." Discussed the potentials of hypermedia in the classroom. November, 1991.

Presenter, East San Gabriel Valley Computer Using Educators Conference. "How interactive technology may shape education's future." Discussion of interactive video and HyperCard. February, 1988.

Grants and Awards

1998 Performance Salary Step Increase Award

1997 Performance Salary Step Increase Award

1997 Technology Initiative Grant for "Learning in an Interactive Video Environment"

Memberships in Professional Societies

International Interactive Communication Society

Association for Educational Communications & Technology

International Society for Technology in Education

American Educational Research Association

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