Page Mechanics

Grades are based on a continuum scale at right (you may get a 4 or 2)

0 point

5 points

10 points


HTML code contains major structural errors. Page cannot work reliably. Poor code format

HTML code contains minor structural and/or format errors. Page works OK, but could have a problem in some browsers.

HTML code is clean with not formatting errors. CSS used.


Site does not work due to omissions or incorrect uploading. No directory structure.

Site works, but files are not placed in the correct directories. File/directory names contain capitol letters and/or unacceptable characters.

Files are in the correct directory structure and are named properly.

Internal Links

Basic maneuvering links do not work within site. Link placement not consistent. First page not named index.html

Most links work within the site. Links are consistently placed at the top of the document.

All internal links work and connect to appropriate pages within the sites.

External Links

Most external links do not work. URL's are used for links (no phrases to describe the link).

Some external links do not work. URL's are used for some links. Some explanations for links.

All external links work. Explanations or phrases are used for links.


Colors are too intense, too many colors chosen, different colors on all pages, poor contrast between text and background

Better color design, but still inconsistent throughout the site. Text easier to read, but still lacking contrast.

Color combinations are well used - consistent colors bring unity to site


Too many fonts used, text is difficult to read due to poor contrast with background

Better font unity, but still have different text layouts on some pages.

One or two fonts consistently used throughout site, text is easy to read against all backgrounds


No CSS CSS to style HTML tags only. A consistent use of styled tags on all pages CSS used for all elements, including divs, page layout, color schemes and background elements


Items used or included

Homepage: 10 points (2 pts. each)

  • meaningful graphic
  • welcome message
  • good formatting
  • links (one external at first, then links to other pages as they are created)
  • page saved as index.html

Biography/Resume Page: 15 Points (3 pts each)

  • clear format
  • education background
  • professional experience
  • clickable table of contents
  • link back to homepage

Hotlist Page: 15 points (5 pts each)

  • at least 10 links
  • links divided into meaningful categories
  • explanatory comments included

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