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Publishing your site

There are two steps, registering a domain name and getting a server.

Domain registration

First, you need a domain name. If you are going to run your own server, you need a unique web address, like my johnhollenbeck.net. Start with your full name, then play with the different generic top-level domains.

Getting a web server

With your domain name in hand, you will need a server. While it is possible to set up a computer to serve pages from your house, most people choose to have a Web Host.


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Site Testing

Get your site up and running on your local computer, then find 5 classmates to work with your site. Watch as the look around and observe where they are having problems. Find out their likes and dislikes. See 8 guidelines for usability testing.

See what others are doing by going to the 202 Student Work page.

Design Issues and your Web Site

Take a few minutes to reflect on these short pages from Jakob Nielsen and others regarding Web Usability. They are found at his web site, and are explored in depth within his book Designing Web Usability.

Apply these ideas to your site! Some of the links are to older sites, but the ideas still hold true.


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