Typography and the web

Review your Williams text from 201 (you have it with you, no?):

Typography is one of the current areas of development on the Web. It is becoming more possible to define a font and have it reliably used in a Web page using external resources. Google is offering an open source API to give free access to a collection of Web fonts.

This is an example of a Google Web font called by CSS.


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Another good resource for style sheets

Builder.au is one of those web-nerd sites that maintains a great many resources and articles too big to really take advantage of. Still, they have an excellent section on Style sheets. (Scroll to the list on the bottom of the page for the more basic articles).


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Planning document for final project

Please write out the following characteristic of your final web site. The paper should show the following:

  1. Identity of target audience
  2. Statement of purpose
  3. Main objectives of the website
  4. An outline of the information your site will contain.
  5. A site flow chart
  6. A site skeleton



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Lab Work

  1. Projects - Final projects finished and mounted in one week.
  2. Complete list of assignments due by end of semester.


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