Mastering your Web Authoring Software

You have basically been "thrown into the pool" regarding learning your software. At this point I hope you have been able to use the HTML you learned earlier in the class, especially in the context of Dreamweaver. There are a number of resources to further your knowledge, but you really should take advantage of:

Another good resource to bookmark is A List Apart. These articles may be a bit advanced right now, but you will find them invaluable as your skills improve. Written by professionals for serious web authors.


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Export CSS from template

You've started your template with internal styles. Now they need to be moved out of the head of the document and placed in an external sheet. Dreamweaver makes this fairly easy:

Dreamweaver will then create the new links to the created style sheet and update all the pages that use that template. The only thing left to do is delete the empty <style> tag.


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Individual Project Work

I'll be visiting your Web sites to view each of your works in progress. Please have your work mounted and available for viewing, even if it is incomplete.



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Lab Work


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