CSS and Dreamweaver

Setting up a new page

  1. Create a new folder in the root of your site called css_practice.
  2. In Dreamweaver, choose File - New... - Blank Page - 1 Column Fixed, Centered, Header and Footer
  3. Save the file in the css_practice folder as index.html
  4. In Dreamweaver, choose File - New... - Page from Sample - CSS Style Sheet - Full Design: Verdana Yellow/Green
  5. Save that file as styles.css in your site's css folder
  6. Remove the new index.html's internal styles, then link it to the new styles.css document

Reviewing Chapter 7

  1. Open the panel and look at if using page 197 as a guide
  2. Create a new style rule
  3. Understand CSS categories
  4. Create and apply a class
  5. Create and apply a compound selector
  6. Modifying a style
  7. Use Code Navigator


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CSS Practice


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Lab Work


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