FTP Test

In Blackboard under Assessments. Take the exam once without notes or resources. You may then take the quiz repeatedly with resources, and you will be awarded your highest grade. But you need to do this on your own time.


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Introducing Dreamweaver

The purpose of this class is to get familiar with Dreamweaver, so we will start with it today by importing our simple web sites into it. Dreamweaver is a graphical (or WYSIWYG) editor that attempts to write HTML code in the background while you lay out your page graphically. This can be an easier way to create web pages, but only after you understand the basics.

In class we will perform the following:

  1. Open and tour Dreamweaver
  2. Create a site definition for your website
  3. Open your site in Dreamweaver
  4. Perform some basic site authoring functions, such as
    1. Font assignments
    2. Links
    3. Background colors
  5. Set up and perform a site synchronization

This should all be a lot easier for you that writing code in straight HTML. But we will not forget the code, as a working knowledge of HTML is essential to make Dreamweaver work.


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Project Two Work

Set up a structure in Dreamweaver

Begin the planning process, keeping the rubric in mind.



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Lab Work

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