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Color Scheme Designer 3 - Amanda Stiefvater points to this very useful site for using the color wheel to develop site designs. It outputs both HTML and CSS, and is a sure bet for pleasing color schemes.


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HTML Exercise 2

In your thinkers folder:

  1. Create a folder in the root called pragmatists
  2. Move the james folder into pragmatists
  3. Create a new folder in pragmatists called dewey
  4. Copy the james.html file into dewey
  5. Go on Google and find a picture of John Dewey
  6. Download it to the thinkers graphics folder
  7. Update the Dewey page. Use this quote:
  8. Link 'em all up
  9. Upload


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Validation of HTML code

Sometimes you just get to where you can't find what's wrong with your Web page. Or perhaps you just want to be sure your software is writing things well. When you get to this point, its time for a trip to the validator.

Validation will ensure your code is free of bugs that will keep it from working on all platforms. More importantly, it will ensure it is Standards Compliant, which means it will remain operational for years to come. Also, that means it will work on the wide variety of screen sizes being used for the Web.

Check Page butting in DreamweaverWhen using a text-based editor, HTML Tidy is the best for validation. As a matter of fact, it may be built into the editor. In Dreamweaver CS5, there is a “Check Page” button on the top of the page which fulfills this function. Be sure to use it even if you are letting Dreamweaver do all the work.

If you are not using an editor with a validator, upload your site then enter its URL into the W3C Markup Validation Service. We'll do that with some of your pages in class.


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CSS Layouts

Specific tags from CSS

The Box Model

When positioning elements on the page, you will need to know how to refer to the parts of the object you are positioning. This is the box model.

Generally, you will define a box using the Div or Span tags. Once defined, the following may be set to place the box:

The box may be used to set the page layout. Indeed, this is the single biggest advance in web page authoring today. Prior to this time tables and absolute references were used and were very cludgy. But this can be hard to grasp at first. So we will use an...


We will work through the advanced HTMLDog CSS tutorial together.


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Project 1 Goals

All work to be completed using HTML only.


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Lab Work


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