1. Complete Introduction Section
  2. Introduction to the World Wide Web
  3. A Simple Web Page
  4. Assignments

Introduction to SMAD 202

Please Note - all class mail will be sent to your JMU email address. If you would prefer to receive your email at another address, you must have your email forwarded. This is easily done.


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Introduction to the World Wide Web

Please access and fully read The Journey Inside - The Internet, even if you feel pretty confident about the World Wide Web. Also, you may wish to explore the links below.

Links for Internet History


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A Simple Web Page

What you need is a text editor. We use TextWrangler, a free product from Bare Bones Software. You can use any text editor that generates ASCII text, such as Notepad (Windows). TextEdit (Mac) will work with modifications.

Anatomy of a Tag

You will need to understand the following terms:


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  1. The Journey Inside - The Internet
  2. HTML Beginner Tutorial


  1. Complete the simple web page. It should look something like this (without links).
  2. Bring it in on Wednesday

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