HRD 480 - Learning in Adulthood :: April 9, 2007

Who Participates - Chapter 3

There are a range of reasons adults enter a formal educational program. Most of you will deal with mandatory training from the employer, but yet even in business there will be optional learning opportunities. Certainly, here at JMU faculty are constantly given the opportunity to attend workshops. This chapter examines why some take advantage of educational opportunities while others do not. Most importantly, it looks at barriers to participation. In many cases you will need to understand why some learners do not or cannot participate in your learning program, and what you may be able to do to help them.

Opportunities for Learning in Adulthood - Chapter 4

If we are to believe the commitment to lifelong learning, then we must provide the resources to offer it. In a corporate setting you will need to justify costs of training; who decides and to what benefit become key questions. This short chapter addresses all of these issues.


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