EDUC 540 - Educational Technology: Agenda for July 5

Revising your WebQuest

We'll start by giving you all a few minutes to get your projects cleaned up and ready. You may want to review the various materials I've collected on this page to help you review your process.

(Re)publish your WebQuest

Put the entire Webquest in there, then upload it using FTP.

Presenting your WebQuest

We will then take about 30 minutes to go around the room and try out each others work. There will be a feedback sheet at each station for you to leave your comments. Try to give:

Sheets will be distributed in class next week.

Standards and Teaching

You are required to know certain skills. These are called TSIP requirements, which are spelled out in the state TSIP Standards. One of your readings was critical of these standards. Revisit that reading and be ready to comment on it. Also, how are TSIP requirements decided upon and administered?

Are Media Technologies Worth the Cost?


Designing and Costing the Technology Plan

Describes a workable system for a school district to develop a plan for introducing and maintaining a learning technology system. In addition, this chapter discusses how to determine what it will cost to do so.


Investing in School Technology: Strategies to Meet the Funding Challenge

This is the parent site to the one listed above. Goes beyond just the cost issue.


The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools

This is a research report by a leading evaluation specialist in educational technology. It is a useful introduction to the "benefits" side of the cost-benefit equation.



iMovie Presentations


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