EDUC 540 - Educational Technology: Agenda for June 12

Student Information

Overview of class goals

Lecture - Issues in Technology and Education

Lecture Notes (pdf)

Assignment - Research Paper

Research Proposal Guidelines


Exercise - What do you know?

Choose a card from a "hat" with one computer concept printed on it. Your challenge will be to develop a short description of the person or concept based upon what you know and what you can gather from other class members. This is not a graded exercise! Let's just see where we are.

If you don't like your choice, you may try to trade with someone. It may be that there is some other person in class who knows your term; try to find them!

MS Word 101

Online Tutorials about Microsoft Office

In class topics

Download this resume file for use in class. It will need to be saved on your desktop. We will then format it using the following tools. Here is a pdf file that shows what it should look like.

Assignment - Teacher Tools




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