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There are really four steps to podcasting; planning, producing, publishing and promoting. These will all be covered in a linked tutorial. First, though, I want to give you an idea of what equipement you need. This, of course, can be simple or elaborate depending on how much time and money you want to spend, but most of this can be had for free.

Recording Gear

First you need the a microphone, software, and a computer (of course). Then it is time to plan out what you want to say and get to work. Let's start with getting the gear.


You may scrounge any old microphone from around the house, as long as it plugs into the audio in jack on your computer's sound card. But you may want something better, and here are some sources:


If there is one good reason to buy a Macintosh, it's podcasting. The iLife suite of media applications make the whole process seamless, and I weep with joy everytime I sit down to record. But if you are on Windows, you need other options. Fortunately, the standard software packages used to record on PC are free. They are (and you will need both):

Using Audacity to Make a Podcast

The link below takes you to a very comprehensive tutorial on using Audacity to create a podcast. Take the time with it and you will soon have an MP3 file to publish. What to say? That's up to you.

Planning, Producing, Publishing, and Promoting

If you would like the full tutorial on Podcasting, go to the link below and try his suggestions. This is a free tutorial, and will cover everything you need from how to plan to where to publish. It's the same site as the Audacity Tutorial above.


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