EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Web Graphics

Web Graphics


You will always use "inline" graphics. They are placed using the <img src="url"> tag. The URL can be absolute or relative, but 99% of the time you will use relative (linking to another person's links is both bad form and risky, as who knows with they will move them?).


  1. Download this file - sample.gif
  2. Place it in the same foler as last week's index.html
  3. Create a link on your index.html by typing <img src="sample.gif">
  4. Upload the new version of index.html and the sample.gif file
  5. View in browser

Graphics Work

I'd like you to take a fair amount of time and work on graphics. There are a number of links available to help you at any level. Please view the table on the right for places to help your graphics work.

I strongly suggest going through Graphics 101.

Technologies of Interest



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