EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for June 11, 2007

Module 1 Part 1 - Microsoft Office

MS Word 201

Most of us use a word processor and can spell check, change font and a couple of other things. But the program, usually Microsoft Word, has a lot more power than working as a typewriter. We'll begin this semester work with it.

At JMU we have an account with, and will use their tutorials extensively throughout the semester. The password to our account will be distributed in class, and is also posted in Blackboard. You will use this resource as one of your primary online "texts" throughout the semester.

In class topics

Download this resume file for practice (right-click and "Save As..." or however your browser works). It will need to be saved on your computer. Then lauch Word and open it (you may need to tell Word to "Open All Files"). Practice on it using the tools discussed in the tutorial below. Here is a pdf file that shows what your final project should look like.

The following tutorials are found at Atomic Learning. The numbers are for the Macintosh versions. Windows versions are below:

Macintosh Word 2004 tutorials

Windows Word 2003 tutorials



  1. Format and print out your own resume. Upload it to the Assignment link in today's Learning Module. Use the following sequence at Atomic Learning:
  2. Letterhead Challenge

Optional Readings


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