EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for March 20, 2007

Photoshop Elements

  1. Import Photos from Camera
  2. Edit Photos
  3. Save images for web
  4. Create a Photo Web Gallery

Dreamweaver Work

Open DW, log into your site and synchronize local and remote files. Then...

Web Tasks

  1. Link to Flick'r - Create a link to your Flick'r public images
  2. Create an image badge from Flick'r - Use Flick'r to create a badge and place it on your home page.
    • Create a table in your home page
    • Go through Flick'r process of creating badge
    • Copy the code into an empty table cell in DW
  3. Upload your Photo Web Gallery and link to home page

Photoshop Exam

You will create and upload examples of provided skills on Thursday. Be prepared to crop, enhance, clean up, etc.


  1. Create an Animation in Photoshop
  2. Read Exposure from
  3. Shoot and practice editing
  4. Complete ETMC stations

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