EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for February 20, 2007

A brief lecture on graphic formats using the following illustrations

Further illustration and explanation of these formats can be found at Widearea.UK:

Placement of Images

Generally, use the <p> tag to align images. For instance:


You also have the option of getting a sort of text wrapping by using the align attribute in the img tag. For instance:

garlicA graphics that has text flowing to the left.

Note that paragraphs will continue to appear until the bottom of the graphics or you use <br clear="left">
Which puts the text here.

This is just a quick idea about images if you want to start working with them.

*A new format called png has been developed to replace both of these compression schemes, but full acceptance has been slow. For now we will stick to gif and jpeg. arrow up


Your final product for the Web unit will be a WebQuest. This will be a group project, and should cover an area of mutual interest in training. We'll start today by defining what a WebQuest is and then giving an idea of how to plan and create one using Dreamweaver.

Designing a WebQuest

The most important Web page for you this week is the one listed below. Follow it to complete your Web assignment.


Amusing Reading

Web Pages that Suck - I don't care for the name, but you can learn a lot from the poor efforts of others. Do review:

10 Worse Web Pages for 2006

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