EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for February 6, 2007

Set up computers


Are they up? If so, talk about your experiences and frustrations in posting to the blog. And keep/start posting to them. The world wants to hear what you say!

This is a "social bookmarking" site that gives you one place on the Web to store and access all your bookmarks. It also allows you to tag them for sorting, and to share them. For instance, here is a link to my ongoing collection of links for educ 370:

You should create an account on, then set up your browser to use their tools. Of course, in the lab you'll have to do it every login, but it doesn't take long. We'll walk through it together in class. Use Firefox for this work, as it has some valuable extensions.

Searching on the Web

I have a search tutorial that goes beyond the basic "slam terms into Google" method when you're looking for things. Each search engine works differently, and you should learn to choose the best engine for the type of information you are looking for.

Continue the basic site in HTML

I'll walk you through setting up Dreamweaver now that you've got a little experience with HTML. Once you have the site running, here are some things to complete:

Use the basic tutorial to help you:



Free Text Editor



Have everything on this page done by Thursday!

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