EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for January 30, 2007

HTML in a Day

By the end of class we will have created and published a complete web site that includes a home page, resume and hot list. To do this, we will use only a simple text editor. Here is an example of what you will have:

Introduction to the Internet

Creating an HTML Document

HTML Syntax

<TagName Properties>Content</TagName>

Example - <h1 align="center">Mary Taylor</h1> yields:

Mary Taylor

Making a Basic HTML Document Structure

  1. Create the required elements
    Type the following into a blank document in a text editor like NotePad:
    • Line 1: <html>
    • Line 2: <head>
    • Line 3: <title> </title>
    • Line 4: </head>
    • Line 5: <body>
    • Line 6: </body>
    • Line 7: </html>
  2. Give the page a title
    • Place the cursor between <title> and </title>
    • Type in a title, such as My Page
  3. Enter and format text
    • Place the cursor after <body> and press Return to make some space
    • Type <h1>Hello World!</h1>
  4. Save and view the page in a browser
    • Choose Save As (be sure you are saving the file as text if in a word processor)
    • Name the file index.html

The Simple Site

Now that you know everything about HTML, it's time to make your personal web site. Follow these instructions:


Hollenbeck Home

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