EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for January 23, 2007

Forming Teams

In class today I need you to join a team for the semester assignments. Usually the group at your table will work, but you can shop around if you like. I'd like each team to fit on a "pod" of comptuers, so the maximum is 4 per team.

Blackboard Homepages

Blackboard allows you to create a homepage that gives you the ability to post a photo, say something about yourself and even put up some interesting links. So please do that by next class.

PowerPoint Continued

Another Article

This is one simple rule that will improve your use of Powerpoint immensely.

The minimum skills

Now, I think there are some basic things you need to be able to do in Powerpoint. They are:

  1. Apply a background
  2. Select appropriate Layout
  3. Apply custom animations, including
    1. Builds
    2. Apply to sub levels
    3. Dimming
  4. Edit master(s)
  5. Save options

A file to torture in class (or use you own)

This file is also available on my "N" drive, or in the Common Folder on your Mac desktop

See if you can apply the minimum skills using Kawasaki's 10/20/30 rule as a guide.


I'd like to show some of your PowerPoints as they stand if we have time. This will give us all a reference point for the first assignment.

For what it's worth : non-linear PowerPoint

We'll use this later, but know that PowerPoint can serve as lightweight multimedia software.

Interactive Multimedia


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