EDUC 370 - Instructional Technology: Agenda for January 16, 2007

Word Processing

Making a template - last session's challenge was to create letterhead and save it as a template. Who'd like to tell how they did it and show the class?

Introducting Spreadsheets


We'll spend some time in Excel, but you'll need to use your homework time to get more comfortable with them. I'll show you how to create an elementary grade sheet, then we'll do a mail merge.

Mail Merge

Excel is really not a database, but it can act like one. We'll use it to provide data for a mail merge exercise.

Advanced Spreadsheets

If we have time in class, see if you can to a "lookup table" in your gradebook spreadsheet. And then explore charts and graphs.


More advanced gradebooks using worksheets


Our tour through Office concludes Thursday with in introduction to PowerPoint. Please go over the following tutorials in Atomic Learning before class.


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