Required Texts


Driscoll, M.P. (2000). Psychology of Learning for Instruction, Second Edition. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Available at


One additional book to be chosen by individuals or small groups. A report on this extra reading will be presented to the class. Book selections must be approved by the instructor

Readings accessed by the World Wide Web and distributed in Adobe Acrobat. A free reader is available

Lectures accessed by the World Wide Web and distributed in Microsoft PowerPoint. A free Windows viewer is available.

I do not know of a viewer for Macintosh. Please contact me if you are a Mac user and do not own PowerPoint.

Optional Texts


Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association(2001). American Psychological Association (APA); ISBN: 1557987912. Available at


Gregory, R.L. and O. L. Zangwill, O.L. (Eds) (1998). The Oxford Companion to the Mind. Longon: Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0198602243; Reprint edition. Available from

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