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Class Policies

Interaction Policy

Students are responsible for weekly material, and are valued for contributions to discussion. It is understood that most students are involved with professional and personal obligations, but in taking this course you are responsible to complete the assigned work and interact online with fellow participants.

There is a regularly scheduled meeting on Mondays from 4:15PM to 7:00PM. These classes will be treated largely as working seminars with each participant responsible for sharing insights from the weeks work. In addition, each participant log into the Blackboard course environment at least one time during th week and contribute at least two postings directly related to the week’s work. See Participation Information (below) for the course Web address.

Please note: This class may not be taken as an independent study.

Coursework Policy

Competency is graded by the grasp of assigned weekly material. This assessment will be made through written quizzes, quality of discussion and assigned homework. It is expected that assigned work be completed in a timely manner and in such a way that it reflects a considered effort towards mastery of the subject.

Participation Information

BlackBoard is a secure online course environment maintained by Old Dominion University. Each participant receives an account in the ECI 660 course environment upon successful enrollment in the class. Once enrolled, the course may be found at the following Web address:

To log into BlackBoard, you will need to know your ODU email account name and password. It will also be helpful to have some basic understanding of BlackBoard prior to beginning the class. Please access the following Web address to address these issues:

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