Welcome to what I hope will be a rich and unique educational experience. This class reviews both historical and recent developments in cognition, learning, and instruction for educational practitioners. Study will include the perspectives of behaviorism, cognitive science, developmentalism, neurophisiology, motivation and and cultural influences on cognition. Applications to the practice of instructional design and technology are stressed.

This course will utilize newer technologies in such a way as to expand and democratize the act of education. We will be using a computer conferencing system called Blackboard to create a virtual class area. At the top of this page you will see links to the basic housekeeping topics for this course. We will use the Web in two ways: as a document distribution resource and as a research environment to augment discussion of class topics. Please explore these links to get a closer understanding of the flow of the class.

Please note, however, that while BlackBoard is a World Wide Web based technology, an ODU email account and password is required to participate in this class. This account must be obtained from OCCS prior to logging into BlackBoard.

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