Cognitivism versus Constructivism — The Battle of the Century

Each group will get a little time to organize themselves, the I will moderate a debate between each group. It will take place in the following form:


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Final Paper Progress

Answers to some questions:

A theory of instruction?

Use chapters 10 and 11 as examples of learning theories. Of course, yours will not be so elaborate, but still you see the idea. I’ve also added a reading of chapter 12 to this week to act as a guide. Driscoll helps in the idea of theory formation.

Is the first paper on learning experiences is to be incorporated into the paper?

I would think reflection on your own learning experiences would be a great starting point for your theory, and they can play many roles in the final paper, both negative and positive.

Are we to evaluate each learning theory in the paper and then use those to form our own theory?

You don’t need to evaluate each theory in the paper. You could mention why you rejected some of the major ones (I am not an information processing theorist because…), but only if it makes your case stronger. This paper will be a statement of the cognitive basis you will adapt in designing (or conducting) instruction. If you feel ARCS is a vital part of your theory for instruction, then use it.

Are we to have a certain "number" of sources, or is the textbook basically sufficient?

I am not approaching this as a research paper, so you can rely primarily on Driscoll. I would think your book would also be a good resource. Certainly feel free to add other resources.

Are we to evaluate information from every chapter from the book in the paper?

You do not have to evaluate material from every chapter of the book, just develop a convincing account of the ones you chose.


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The Debate in Instructional Design

Well, we’ve finally gone through the major theories of cognition to consider in contemporary instructional design. There was a lot to read, and a number of perspectives to consider. Now its time to consider how they affect instructional design.

Papers will be distributed in class


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Assignments Due April 19

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