Towards a Theory of Learning

OK, now your heads are full of theory and it's all a-swim. Let's get down to the business of this class - the creation of your personal theory of learning.

The overt product of your work will be a Course Paper, but you may not want to think of that yet. Instead, start thinking about the learning situations you are in and look for problems that need solving. Problems are the difference between what is and what should be. What is going wrong with the learning environment? Is there a certain kind of student that just doesn't get reached?

Look to the eLectures for more thoughts about this process as we proceed.

Why a paper? Writing helps us think, and thinking is what school is all about. Don't let the project be daunting - just keep in simmering in the back of your mind and jot down occasional notes that seem important.

Right now, look for something interesting to work on.


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These should be about complete by now, and ready for inclusion in your personal theories. Also I'd like you to be ready to use those books as resources in our upcoming discussions on the learning theories and how they may work in instructional design.


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Discussion of Motivation

In class we will discuss the ideas in motivation. I see at least the following categories:

The Design Process Proposed for Motivational Design

  1. Analyze the audience
  2. Define motivational objectives
  3. Design a motivational strategy
  4. Try out and revise as necessary


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Assignments for March 29

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