This week

We've been looking at four general models of learning theory; behaviorism, cognitive information processing, schema, and situated cognition. I'd like to have us all meet in the main discussion area this week and chew over some summative questions about our reading so far. Think of this as a week to reflect and review the basics or our reading so far. Also, think of this as a time for preparation for an exam.

These posts could be longer than our usual.

The Theories and Their Epistemic Foundations

Take each of the four theories and place them in an epistemology (chapter 1). Tell why you have chosen this category for each.

Applying Theory to Practice

Look at your teaching practice and determine how each of the four might be applied to the following:

  1. Teaching a skill (i.e. Web Authoring)
  2. Teaching knowledge (i.e. Cognition)

My Favorite Thing

Have you had an "aha!" moment yet? Did some idea clarify a mystery about teaching, give you a new strategy for tackling some problem, do anything? Discuss at least one thing that made you glad you read the textbook to this point.


These theories all grew out of each other. Step back and see if you can see how they developed from each other or as a reaction to each other. What general trends are taking place? Is the mind being thought of as more complex? What is the role of individual vs. social cognition?


It's time for a test. How would you like to show your knowledge of the materials covered so far? What learning theory would provide the basis for the most accurate measure of your knowledge.

Assignments due March 1

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