Objectives for the Week

  1. Understand the role of media in educational communication
  2. Develop online tests and grading in Blackboard
  3. Understand text-based virtual reality systems and their use in learning


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Continue Class Development

This week I'd like for you to experiment with the testing function of Blackboard.

  1. Create a short (5-10 question) multiple-choice test that is automatically graded and entered into the online gradebook
  2. Include feedback with both correct and incorrect answers
  3. Experiment with the testing options in Blackboard
  4. [Links to other online testing services]


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Virtual Reality Environments

Currently there are a couple of limits on creating the sorts of virtual worlds they have been talking about:

Still, there are experimental educational virtual realities out there. I'd like you to visit and explore TappedIn, an semi-graphical "world" for educators to meet and communicate. You will be required to join, but it's free.


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Assignments due April 5



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