Objectives for the Week

  1. Describe alternative visions to structured teaching online
  2. Understand the role of SCORM
  3. Be able to discuss the online standards organization applicable to your field:
    • Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) - K-12
    • Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) - Higher Education
    • Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) - Train
  4. Discuss the topic "Education is Communication"


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Continue class development

By now you should have a test site created in Blackboard's commercial site. The tasks were outlined in last week's agenda. Continue with the following work:

  1. Develop syllabi and other course materials. Develop or revise an existing set of general course materials for your site.
  2. Include a list of objectives for this class, if applicable.
  3. Draft a general schedule that your course would take.
  4. If you have time, try uploading the lesson unit you created earlier in class. Do this even through it does not relate to your course. Think about where you would put this kind of material and in what way you would organize it for learner access.


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Beyond the Virtual Classroom

I'd like to propose that most concepts of online learning are greatly limited by our unthinking fidelity to the classroom. The result of this is that the practices of one medium (classroom) are attempted in another that is not particularly suited for it. As you continue to read, I'd like you to think about this idea and see how it works with your online class development.


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Assignments due March 29



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