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Course Creation

There are at least three ways to enter information in Blackboard:

  1. You can simply type the text into the provided forms and let it make the html code for you. If you choose to work this way, it's best to create your document in a word processor and then cut and paste it in.
  2. You can use html to format you pages. Again, you could just type the code into Bb's window, but it's best to create the page in an editor then paste it in. Note that you go not have to include any of the required page tags -- no <html><head><title><body>. The window is the body.
  3. You can put in a code snippet to link to your own website's pages. This is what I do.

Now I know this may be greek to some of you with less HTML experience. You will stick to step one and go from there.

This week:

  1. Attach a printable copy of your syllabus to the online syllabus. It can be PDF, Word or RTF.
  2. Create a general discussion Forum for your groups. Call it "Introductions"
  3. Create two small groups and put 1/2 of the students in each. Put me in both.

Post any questions to the Creating Blackboard forum in our Bb site.


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Readings and Discussion

Towards a Theory of Online Instruction


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Assignments due March 22

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