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Let me begin by thanking you all for your patience during what has proved to be a time of confused business. It was not my intent to show how a lack of communication can be deadly to a class, but I can imagine that you've felt it. I know that there have been great discussions online, but, as our book says, the role of a facilitator is crucial.

As I see it, here's were you should be right now:

The assignments below will be for our work this week. I return to the living with joy and look forward to some interesting exploration in our fascinating topic.


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In the syllabus it suggested that you create a course site for your final project. Often participants in this class have been charged to teach a class online and this assignment was designed to help them. You may have other interests, and I want you to feel free to propose a different semester project. It could be a:

This week please think about what you might be interested in doing and send me an email outlining your plans. We'll then set up the scope of the project and a time line for completing it. Email me at jhollenb@odu.edu.


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Small Group Work

I have created small groups to help facilitate project work and investigation. Basically what we have done to this point is get comfortable in the online setting and review three learning sites cricially. Now it's time to start investigating questions.

Please take the discussion of the weekly question into your small groups. I will act as a participant, but will not directly lead the discussion. Group leaders should set the agenda for the discussion. The group should create a summary document that:

The Question for the Week

The first thing to consider when creating online learning is what materials need to be posted. These can spring from a wide range of possibilities ranging from simple Web pages to elaborate Shocked interactive content. Are Web pages enough, or do we need to think in terms of streamed video, animation and/or computer-based tutorials as a basis for online course delivery?


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We will be creating sites using Blackboard. To do this, we will take 60 day trial accounts at blackboard.com. So for now start thinking about the design of your project and what resources you'll want.

As a part of this we will move from material generation to conducting online discussions.


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Assignments due March 1



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