Completing Site Reviews

By the end of this week you should be to the end of the online tutorial. Now it can be said - the idea here was two-fold:

I'd like us now to reflect on what was learned. Use your postings this week to talk about what you learned by going into the online environments you studied. What caught your eye that really worked on the sites; what needed improvement.

Then talk about being an online student in this way. The course contained no real interaction, and there was comparitively little on Blackboard. Yet much online learning is offered in just this way. How important is peer discussion and/or interaction with an instructor in online learning?


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Creating online materials

Now that you have looked at others work, I'd like you to return to considerations of presenting content online. In our first attempt, we used PowerPoint to try and teach a short lesson. Now I'd like to have you work on creating content for a teaching Web page.

First, read the following to get an idea of writing principles for the Web

Then work on the following Exercise


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Using the prinicples from above, convert a syllabus or learning guide you have in print form to online learning. I would prefer this to be an HTML page for the Web, but if you don't have that skill, do it in a word processor without any Web programming.

If you don't have materials you want to convert, use the following:

Post your work to the Online Materials forum in Blackboard, then view and comment on other's work. The goal here is to put into practice the principles from the above readings.


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Where you should be at this point

All of this will combine for your first 1/3 of the class grade.


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Assignments due February 23




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