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The first topic we want to tackle in this class involves the presentation of content. Part of what you should have experienced from last week's online learning assignment is how they presented content and whether it was effective or not. If you have experience as Web authors, you've had experience with this problem.

So my question for the week is this - "What makes content more effective when presented on the Web?" While your reading will get you started on this quest, I encourage you to bring in other resources as well.


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Creating a Lesson

Creating mediated lessons is a surprisingly hard thing to do. I'd like you all to prove this to yourselves by creating one this week. Based upon the forms filled out, most of you are OK with creating a presentation using PowerPoint or it's ilk. Therefore, I'd like you to create a "lecture" this week based upon the readings. The specifications are as follows:

Now, don't get carried away with this. Use a simple template, a few bullet points, and perhaps some clip art. If you are unable to access a program like PowerPoint, type out a "storyboard" in Word (or .rtf format) that clearly shows what you would do.

PowerPoint is available at all of the ODU satellite campuses.

A list of Tips sites will be added there


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Assignments due February 2


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