Agenda for remaining semester of ECI 646

July 1

  • Asynchronous meeting [DP/DT]:
  • Discuss Chaps 7 & 8 on blackboard
  • Post a comment for each chapter by Thursday, July 1
  • Respond to someone else’s comment by Saturday
  • Need volunteer to facilitate virtual classroom meeting on the 8th
  • Need thread for discussing chap 7
  • Need thread for discussing chap 8
  • Need thread for signing up for final presentations

July 8

  • Synchronous meeting [DP/ST]:
  • Meet in the virtual classroom at regular class time
  • Discuss Chapter 9
  • [Ina may have materials provided to help facilitate discussion.]
  • Need thread for discussing chap 9

July 15

  • Regular class meeting resume [DP/ST]:
  • Discuss Chapter 11
  • 5-10 minute presentations from: Chris, Chris, Courtney, Heidi
  • Q&A session about final projects


July 22

  • Discuss Chapter 12
  • 5-10 minute presentations from Robert, Marissa, Ina, and JoAnn

July 29

Project Presentations

Scott Casad

Investigative Process For Conducting Coast Guard Marine Casualty Investigations

Cynthia Hartman

Exam Review for the United States/Virginia History SOL

Jean Grunwald

How To Play A Three Major Chords On The Guitar

Shirley Whitenack

Depth of Field and its impact on a photograph

Aug 5

Project Presentations

Joanne Ferraioli

Instructional Mathematics Methods/Ideas

Nancy Dees

Second Grade Social Studies SOL on Egypt.

Marissa Galicia-Castillo

Appropriate uses of the PEG tube

Chris Gelfand

Basic Submarine Nuclear Power.

Aug 12

Project Presentations

Boyette, Heidi

The Use Of Video Conferencing To Communicate

Chris Woodle

Fraudulent Merchant Mariner Licenses. Thanks

Ina Koppel

Grade 10 Chemistry I/ Boyle's Law

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