Session Topic Assignment

May 13

Introduction to Distance Education and Video Conferencing

SSAZ Chapter 1
Clark (83) - available in BlackBoard
Noble (98)

May 20

Scope of DE
Media Effects Debate
Legitimacy of DE
Visions of the Future

SSAZ Chapters 2
Definitions of Distance Education
Distance Education at a Glance

May 27

Defining the Field
History of DE
Major Theoretical Currents


Peters Chapter1 and 2
Garrison (00) - available in BlackBoard
Wedemeyer (81) - available in BlackBoard

Jun 3

Generations of DE
Working in an Institution
Transactional Distance (Pt. 1)

Part One Examination

Peters Chapters 3 and 4

Jun 10

Tansactional Distance (Pt. 2)
Applied models of TD

Peters Chapter 5
SSAZ Chapter 4

Jun 17

Modifying Concepts
Media in DE

SSAZ Chapter 6

Jun 24

Technologies and Media
Radio and Audiotape

Bates Chapter 1 and 2
Moore and Kearsley Chapter 1

Jul 1

Media Selection
Systems Thinking

Midterm Examination

SSAZ Chapters 7 and 8

DE Task Force Report

Jul 8

Teaching and Learning

SSAZ Chapter 9

Jul 15

Handouts and Materials

Videoconferencing for Learning

Jul 22

Aspects of Videoconferencing
Current Technologies
Future Trends in VC

Peters 6

Jul 29

The Internet

SSAZ 4 and 12
Threkeld and Brozka

Aug 5 (a)

Research into Effectivness of DE


Aug 5 (b)

Assessment in DE

Peters 7 and 8

Aug 12

International Perspective
Final Project Presentations

Final Examination


Final Project Presentations

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