Course Goals and Objectives

The ends in view for this course are to help learners:

Reading Assignments

Weekly reading assignments will be posted on BlackBoard. A complete schedule may be viewed in the Course Documents area.

Study Guides

Study guides will be made available for all readings assigned in ECI 646. They will be found in the Course Documents section of BlackBoard.

Discussion Questions for Readings

Questions will be posted for the weekly readings in the BlackBoard discussion forums


All assignments are more completely defined and operationalized in BlackBoard.

Investment in the class as evidenced by

  1. Class attendance
  2. Participation
  3. Creative contributions
  4. Critical Reflection

Online participation

  1. Computer conferencing assignments such as critical reviews or summaries of assigned readings.
  2. One posted reaction paper per week on Blackboard.
  3. Ongoing discussions. Two meaningful interactions per week on Blackboard.

Lead one weekly discussion

Semester project (Due December 4)

Create a thematic distance education lesson utilizing appropriate media with a focus on videoconferencing. Steps will include:

All steps in this process are understood to be iterative, but good drafts should be turned in on the due dates. All aspects of the project are to be completed by December 4.

Tests and Examinations

Weekly quizzes and challenges will help give practice and anchor the readings. These quizzes will count towards the Participation grade.

A Part One exam. This short exam will cover course topics to this point. It will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions.

A midterm performance exam will cover course topics to this point. It will consist of a group of questions to be completed within one week. Resources and design guidelines will be given.

A final performance exam will encompass all course topics. Students will be asked to perform various tasks in line with the course objectives. This exam will be given during ODU’s final exam week.

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