Honor Pledge

"I pledge to support the honor system of Old Dominion University. I will refrain from any form of academic dishonesty or deception, such as cheating or plagiarism. I am aware that as a member if the academic community, it is my responsibility to turn in all suspected violators of the honor system. I will report to Honor Council hearings if summoned."

Honor Code

By attending Old Dominion University you have accepted the responsibility to abide by this code. This is an institutional policy approved by the Board of Visitors.
The Honor System at Old Dominion University is based on individual integrity. This system assumes that every student will accept his or her role in the University community with a feeling of self respect and duty. Lying, cheating and plagiarism all constitute violations of the Honor System. Each piece of work submitted by you such as homework and term papers must be your own work. As a member of our community of scholars at Old Dominion University, you are expected to adhere to the above pledge.

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