This course provides an overview of distance learning for educational professionals interested in its application in adult learning, training and educational institutions. Primary focus will include the history, theory and application of distance learning. They will design educational materials for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Instruction will be grounded in a thematic plan which positions participants as action researchers seeking personally relevant applications of distance education. I anticipate students who are professionals in the field eager to extend their skills into the relatively new field of distance education.

This course will focus on four central issues. These include:

  1. Application of distance learning techniques and strategies to compressed video, desktop video, computer conferencing, WWW pages, email, and listservs
  2. Review of distance learning history and theory, including how it differs from traditional learning and how it informs practice.
  3. Creating inclusive learning environments that use media technologies to expand learning parameters
  4. Developing collaborative research skills that inform reflective instructional practices

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