Review Videoconferencing Materials

I distributed a bunch of pdf files about videoconferencing. Do you best to discuss what they are asking you to do, then try to go through them together in the context of your final projects.

Peters 5

I'm sorry not to have more information posted. The main point of this chapter is to explore how the concepts of transactional distance apply to different concepts. Using the text, discuss how TD applies to Open, Lifelong, Industrialized and Post-Modern learning. I'll try to get more up before class.

Midterm Questions

Use the second part of class to work on these questions together. Formulate your answers collaboratively, then submit individual short answers using the Digital Drop Box of Blackboard.

Note: This is to be submitted online

Using the text and other readings as a basis, answer three of these questions from the text as fully as possible. Keep your answers short, but try to capture the main points from our readings. Place your answers on a sheet of paper with your name on it. This is a collaborative exercise, and the whole class can choose to work on the same questions if desired.

  1. A client asks you "How do learner achievement and learner attitudes compare between distance education and the traditional classroom?" What would you say to the questioner?
  2. Are some learners better served by a particular technology, and if so, why?
  3. Discuss the relationship between dialog and structure in a videoconferenced course like ours. What can be done to increase dialog and make structure more flexible?
  4. Are there barriers to learner autonomy in certain school/training situations?
  5. What interaction strategies are most effective?
  6. Design your own question(s) along the lines of the above (hastily written) examples.

Assignments Due July 29



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