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Please report on your articles tonight. Also, would you all please forward a citation for your articles and where you located them? URL's would be especially nice. Include a very brief description of your favorite points from the article.

Transactional Distance Continued

The following links may help clarify Transactional Distance


Real dialog is a conversation between all involved parties, with equal trust, voice, decision making all a great part of the issue.


Is this really rigid vs. loose structure, or is it external vs. internal control of structure?

Learner Autonomy

What is involved in becoming autonomous as a learner? How can this be supported at a distance?

Reviewing Distance Education Support Materials

This talk serves as a follow up to the rebroadcast of the Tom Cyrs lecture.

Planning for a Videoconference

Other Talks

Assignments Due July 22


Project Work

Final Project Specifications
Designing Your Projects for Videoconferencing

The following materials are available (in PDF format)


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