Introduction to the course

Participant Introductions

Please tell us the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Two interesting things about you
  3. Select and describe an artifact that you are carrying with you

Lecture Discussion: Some Issues in Distance Education


Introduction to Blackboard

This class will use Blackboard as a resource throughout the semester. It may be accessed at the following address:

Login using your ODU email account name and password. You will see links to our course. For assistance activating or regaining your ODU passwork, go to:

Computer Tasks

  1. Complete the Initial Class Survey
  2. Log into Blackboard using your ODU email name and password. For help, go to:

Final Thoughts

Assignments for May 20

  1. Read Chapter One of SSAZ
  2. Read Clark (83) - Reconsidering Research on Media in Education. Available for download in BlackBoard (Course Material - Articles)
  3. Reading notes for Clark (83)
  4. Read Noble (98) - Digital Diploma Mills
  5. Post two meaningful contributions on the readings to Blackboard
  6. Complete the Initial Class Survey
  7. (Optional) Explore Distance Education at a Glance

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