ECI 617 - Foundations of Instructional Technology: Suggestions and Requirements

Course Organization

This course emphasizes learning by participation. A thorough grounding in the basics of the field of Instructional Technology will be blended with inquiries into the educational uses of the media. The semester work will be divided between online tutorials, small group interactions and the completion of provided exercises. Students will be expected to devote at least 8 hours per week to mastery of course topics.

ECI 617 will be taught via TELETECHNET, and will also use online course materials. Participants should be able to access a computer that is connected to the Internet, and should understand the basic operations of the World Wide Web, Adobe Acrobat and electronic mail. BlackBoard, a computer bulletin board, will serve as the primary location for class work throughout the semester.

Required for the Class

All participants willl need an ODU email address and password (even if you get email somewhere else).


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