ECI 617 - Foundations of Instructional Technology: University Policy

Honor Code

Old Dominion University has set out a clear policy in regards to academic honesty. When you enroll in a class, you are seen as bound by this agreement. Basically, it sets out the terms of academic honesty and the consequences for violation of those terms. I strongly urge you to access the following link and review the honor code.


Every effort will be made to accommodate those course participants with learning and/or physical disabilities. Old Dominion University offers a number of services and policies to enable everyone access to learning. Please review the following web resources.

Student Handbook

There are a number of services and policies that can assist your interactions with Old Dominion University. Please note that there are two handbooks: One for students physically present and one for students learning at a distance (Teletechnet). Choose the document that covers your situation.

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