ECI 617 - Foundations of Instructional Technology: Evaluation

Grades will be assigned using the established academic practice of letter grades. The following guidelines will be employed cumulatively for each assignment (based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Learning). Final grade distributions will be based upon the learning contract explained within the section Aims and Possibilities.

Grade Concept Description Example
F   No evidence of learning. No acceptable work turned in.
D Knowledge Ability to recall facts about the field. Pass an objective text on specific concepts associated with online learning.
C Comprehension Can show understanding of the key concepts of the field. Explain the meanings of most theoretical and practical concepts of online learning.
B- Application Is able to employ the key concepts of the field in some practical way. An ability to perform all functions of the Blackboard conferencing system.
B Analysis Use knowledge to examine and explain how systems work. Categorize and criticize how elements of an online course work together.
A- Synthesis Work of superior quality, showing complete grasp of the subject and an ability to apply the knowledge achieve novel results. Show how the combination of field practices can be brought to bear in an original manner to solve some educational problem.
A Evaluation Can gauge the quality of topic areas based upon knowledge of the field. Develop an original argument for why an online learning strategy will succeed or fail based upon concepts and practices of the field.


In order to gain graduate credit for this course, you must achieve an overall grade of B- or better.

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