ECI 617 - Foundations of Instructional Technology: 617 Final Examination



  1. You have been asked to develop a training proposal for a new computerized attendance software program that has been implemented by an area school system. The district wants an outline of the process you will follow to create and deliver instruction delivered within one week. They are asking you because they know you are an instructional designer, but do not understand the field very well. Using an ID model, outline each step in such a way as even a school administrator could understand it, including evaluation.
  2. You have been hired to evaluate whether a training program implemented by a large company should be contiuned or terminated. It has been in place for around three years and costs a significant amount in terms of resources and time. Describe what sort of evaluation you will conduct and why.
  3. In your work for the Army, you have seen a major change in priorities. The service is now talking about needing to update the way in which soldiers are trained to reflect an Army that relies upon individual resources rather than obedience. The Colonal you work for does not understand exactly what this means, and has asked you to brief her on learning theories. What are the major theories, how do they differ, and which would be best brought to bear on educating an autonomous soldier?
  4. In what ways does performance technology differ from more traditional training? How does Kirkpatrick's model demonstrate this difference?
  5. Of all the “New Directions” mentioned in Section V of the text, which do you feel is most significant and why. Describe this innovation and discuss how you would apply it.

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