ECI 617 - Foundations of Instructional Technology: Week of September 1

What did you learn this week?

As quickly as possible, talk about one thing you learned this week from the readings.

Introducing Blackboard

Blackboard is ODU's educational computer conferencing system. We will use it for this class in a number of ways:

If you haven't used anything like this, you'll find the following useful:

Especially helpful is the Blackboard Basics section. This is an online tutorial outlining the basics. By next week, please:

Facilities walk through.

Should be able to:

Instructional Design Model

We will walk through the Instructional Design process in class, using some educational context you define. The steps follow the ADDIE model:

...and are outlined in the class lecture.

Download this guide (.pdf file) to work with in class.

Assignments Due Sept 12



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