Once a Web site is in working order it needs to be published. This is a process of copying the Web site from your local computer to a Web host. Here your Web site will have a URL that will allow it to be accessed from any Internet-connected computer.

For this class you will be uploading your Web site to a Host at the ODU library. This way I can look at your files and make comments without having to send them back and forth. Your Web address will be:


Where your_last_name is, well, your last name as it appears in BlackBoard in lowercase. Your work will stay on the library server only through the end of the semester, so at some point you should find a more permanent Web host.

One thing to be aware of in this arrangement is that the entire class will be sharing one password. This means it is always possible for someone to accidentally mess things up. Always keep a current version of your Web site on your local computer.

This tutorial will walk you though the process of uploading and maintaining your Web site on a UNIX server. While each Web host is slightly different, you will find these procedures are quite common.

  1. Understanding FTP
  2. Getting an FTP Client
  3. Prepare Files for Upload
  4. Log into Host
  5. Prepare Remote Directories
  6. Uploading Files using FTP client
  7. Downloading Files using FTP client
  8. Synchronizing a Web Site


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  1. Understanding
  2. Getting Client
  3. Prepare Files
  4. Log into Host
  5. Prepare Remote
  6. Uploading Files
  7. Downloading
  8. Synchronizing