Where is the class?

To access the class, point your browser to Click on login and then enter your ODU email account name (i.e. jspen004) and password.

If you do not know your ODU account and/or password, go to and choose to request a new account or deal with a lost or forgotten password from the left column.

Note: The above utilities will not give you your password if you have lost of forgotten it. The instructions say that you are to go into ODU or your local site, but ignore them. Instead, call 757 683-3192 and tell them you are an online student. They will verify your social security number, then give you a new password over the phone.


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How does this work?

We will work inside a Web virtual classroom environment called BlackBoard. In it there are places to view assignments, post and respond to messages from other course participants, take tests and submit some assignments. You will need to plan on logging into BlackBoard at least twice a week. This can be done at any time.

For futher information, review the Policies page of the ECI 575 Syllabus.


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When do we meet?

We don't! This is an asynchronous online class, which means we neither physically meet nor hold scheduled classes. Instead, you will need to log into the course teaching environment regularly. There you will interact with the instructor and your fellow participants.


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This sounds hard. Do I have to learn new software?

Not really! Blackboard works like most web sites, and you'll find it easy to get around after a few minutes. To learn all the ins and outs of Blackboard you can take a tutorial provided by ODU by going to

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