Class Topics

The following topics will be covered in this class

Course Goals and Objectives

The ends in view for this course will help learners:

Reading Assignments

Weekly reading assignments will be posted on BlackBoard. A complete schedule may be viewed in the Course Documents area.

Study Guides

Study guides will be made available for all readings assigned in ECI 575. They will be found in the Course Documents section of BlackBoard.

Discussion Questions for Readings

Questions will be posted for the weekly readings in the BlackBoard discussion forums


Assignments are more completely defined and operationalized in BlackBoard. All assignments are to be published on the World Wide Web.

Assignment 1 - Personal Web Site

A complete personal web environment using HTML 4.0 text coding only. This set of pages will include at least the following:

This assignment is to be published on the World Wide Web

ECI 475 students will complete this entire assignment.

Assignment 2 - A Simple Lesson

A common educational topic will be assigned to each individual. A simple lesson web site will be designed and developed in accordance to the readings. The model for this work will be a WebQuest. The final product will consist of 5 linked lesson pages, a teacher's resource page and an educational rationale for this work.

ECI 475 students complete only the lesson pages.

Assignment 3 - Educational Website Template

This is a complelation of all the advanced exercises in the second part of the class. The following exercises must be completed and used to create a course template:

ECI 475 will complete this entire assignment.

Assignment 4 - Independent Project

A final project is required of each member of class. It should reflect a mastery of the technical and design skills mastered during the semester. Each student is responsible for selecting the subject matter; the only requirement is that the project must teach something. The final project should be a minimum of 10 web pages, and a design document must accompany each project.

The independent project must integrate one additional interactive or advanced Web technology. Examples include:

This project may be completed in a group, but the size must grow to reflect the number of individuals participating. Generally, there should be a minimum of 10 web pages per person in the group.

ECI 475 students will complete a 5 page version of above, and may omit interactive technologies.

Tests and Examinations

Weekly quizzes and challenges will help give practice and anchor the readings. These quizzes will count towards the Participation grade.

A midterm performance exam will cover course topics to this point. It will consist of a Web assignment to be completed within one week. Resources and design guidelines will be given.

A final performance exam will encompass all course topics. Students will be asked to perform various tasks in line with the course objectives. This exam will be given during ODU’s final exam week.

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